A message to my future self.

Hey me (and others probably) from the future! How’s everything going? I hope Hytale and BlockShot are doing good! Hytale has not been released as I write this (and we are super excited for it!) Hopefully it releases soon. My fellow staff people are an amazing and talented bunch! Its been really fun working with them. I guess this is the first post in this category too lel. But anyways hey again people reading this and well this is the end of my meaningless rambling :slight_smile:


Hey future self!

The school year will be over in a week an I’m super excited about getting my first paid job as well as the launch of BlockShot. It’s a bit concerning that we aren’t getting too much news from Hytale but looking at the things the Staff have made makes me smile every time.
It’s great being among the staff members and I hope BlockShot will be a huge success.

EDIT: yes I know I’ll forget about this post in probably a month…


A message to my future self:

you are very much welcome, now go rewatch the trilogy yet again and cry as you remember your childhood through these amazing movies. :joy: Enjoy!


Amazing!. lmao


hey future me
hopefully your at college learning about the game industry and how to make your very own game or working to become a dev at drakore studios.i wish you the best of luck future me

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My past self wishes your the best of luck and my future self hopes you have already succeeded!

My past self shall watch this again! And my future self shall do that too!

Letter to past self:

Stop growing up!
Enjoy life and go outside! Right now!
Do something!
Now go away.

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A letter to my future:

How are you doing? Why? Stay strong mate!
Also, good luck with everything in your life :slight_smile:

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