BlockShot forum expirimental theme improvement

I’ve been using the experimental theme since I really like it and I’d like something to be changed about it. If you use a hyperlink it doesn’t highlight that well, I think the color of the text should be changed when it’s used.

^^ Visible hyperlink

^^ Slightly visible hyperlink

@ItzChaoZ can this be changed?

I looked at it and the link stands out a lot more now.

Perhaps another dev beat me to it and already changed it or it could be a browser related issue.

Can you see if the hyperlink is still like you posted and, if it still is, can you tell me what browser you using so I can have a look? Thank you. :smiley:

If the hyperlink is still barely visible I will look into it properly and see what is going on.

What I saw when I looked at it (Using Brave Browser)

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It turns out I completely forgot I had the dark reader extension.
So that explains a lot :sweat_smile:


Haha! thought something like this might have been the issue. Either way thanks for mentioning it, keeping me on my toes. :wink:

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