BlockShot Forum Rules

These are the current BlockShot Forums Rules, breaking any rule is punishable.

  1. No inappropriate content/chats!. (Photos, Discussions, etc.), Lewd posts & replies will be treated in a serious manner.

  2. No spamming/flooding of any kind. Doing so will end in a severe punishment

  3. No advertising of any kind. If you want to advertise anything - contact a forum admin or council member.

  4. Please only speak English. This helps us moderate better and avoid confusion

  5. No racism or targeted bullying - Racism and Bullying will not be tolerated and will be dealt with in a severe manner.

  6. Please respect all the forum users. All Staff and Members should be treated with respect.

  7. Loop holing rules is completely forbidden. Doing so will end up in an equal or more severe punishment

  8. Listen to Staff and don’t argue.

  9. We accept honest opinions, but do not hate on or harshly judge another person’s opinion. Everyone’s opinions matter.

  10. Any kind of harassment is forbidden at all times. Doing so will result in a severe punishment

  11. Use the different forums correctly.

  12. Posting any type of dangerous links is forbidden!

  13. Threatening of any kind is forbidden. Doing so will result in severe punishment. Threatening the Network also counts.

  14. Suicide encouragement of any kind is not tolerated!

  15. No Strong or Extensive Swearing.

  16. Impersonating Content Creators, Staff and other members is not allowed. You will be punished severely

  17. Posting personal information and requesting personal information from other forum users (Doxing) is forbidden - you will get the instant ban hammer for this one chief.

  18. Ban evading is forbidden and will result in a ban upon the alt and worse punishment for the evader.

  19. Bypassing any rule is forbidden and will result in a severe punishment

  20. Phishing/Attempt to Phish Staff is not allowed - Any attempt at phishing our staff will be punished by a permanent ban.

  21. Endangering/Bypassing the Forum will result as a Permanent Ban. No questions asked.

  22. Intentionally posting false/misleading information is completely forbidden and will be treated seriously.

  23. DDoSing the Network Server/Website or even threatening to DDoS any user on our forum will be treated with an instant ban.

  24. Illicit scanning or manual vulnerability/information disclosure attacks are strictly prohibited! Any vulnerability found must be disclosed privately to our security/Dev. staff (security preferably). Probing/fuzzing is a bannable offence with no warning. Scrapping/spiders are forbidden unless given strict permission. Any automated requests will be treated as bots and dealt with accordingly.

In addition to these rules we expect you to follow our Terms of Service at all times.

If you have any questions regarding the rules, please feel free to message any Forum Moderator on the forum or our discord.

These rules are subject to change in the future, we will notify you of any changes in the ‘News and Announcements’ category.

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