Bug Reporting Format

Please refer to this format when reporting bugs to us on the forum. This format helps us figure out the cause of the bug letting us fix it quicker. There is no need to report bugs we are already aware of.

  1. A detailed explanation of the bug you were experiencing.
    Describe what is happening when the bug occurs. Describe what you would normally expect to occur instead.

  2. Where does the bug happen?
    If you are on the server then what game mode, if on website what web page etc.

  3. Screenshots/Videos of the bug
    If you can please provide us visuals of the bug. this is not mandatory to fill out a report.

  4. Details on how you encountered the bug/how to replicate it.
    This is very Important and we want to know all the details. If we know how the bug happens we will be able to fix it quicker.

  5. How often does the bug happen?
    You do not need to time it just give us a rough idea of how often the bug you are experiencing occurs.

  6. What is your hardware/software?
    State your Operating System (OS), computer hardware, game version, browser and browser version (where applicable).

Critical Bugs
If you discover a serious bug that puts anyone’s security or privacy at risk then please privately message our CSO @General_Putin or our Lead Dev @ItzChaoZ Do not report critical bugs in the forum or share them with others!

A critical Bug report will be taken very seriously, we kindly ask you not to misuse it. Thank you.

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