Contribution points TDM, SAD and DOM

Contribution points, as the name says, the contribution a player makes will be rewarded, in different modes there are somethings you can do that will help or will make your team win, for example in TDM killing someone helps your team gain one kill so that’s contribution or saving your teammate when they’re about to get killed, you kill the foe and save your teammate you helped to gain one kill to your team and evade one kill from the enemy team, in SAD when the enemy destroys the point or your team kills all the foes is game over, you can contribute a lot if you make a kill while the enemy is planting the bomb or deactivating it, and for DOM while protecting the point you’re contributing. all the aforementioned things and others that I didn’t mention would give you “Contribution Points” that you can use to “Buy” some perks or special tools like gaining a bombing then you get a controller amp select the point boom a lot of bombs fall there and it costs 50 CP or you can get a recognition Drone that costs 100 CP or even an armed Drone that helps you attack from the air (It can be manual or even completely automatic).