Developer Update #2 | Quality of Life Improvements

Hello! I am back with another little update for you all!

We want the forums to be something you can enjoy using with a simple, neat and minimalist design with clear and easy to use navigation. However, we were missing something quite vital. There was no way to return to the home page from the forums!

Of course, you could (and still can) go into your search bar and just type the URL but why do that when you can press a button. We have recently added a “Home” button in the top right next to the search icon which will take you straight back to the main home page. And, to make it even better it should always be visible! So no matter what page you are on the forums you can easily return to the home page with minimal effort. I Hope you enjoy this little time saver (I know I will :wink: ).

Next up let’s talk about customization, which I have also recently Implemented for you to enjoy. The BlockShot Forums now has 4 themes you can choose from and you are no longer limited to our default. While we hope to create a design that would satisfy all your needs we acknowledge that different people have different requirements and hence we are giving you full freedom to choose from our preset themes.

BlockShot Theme A

The first theme is the one you are familiar with by now, I have called it BlockShot Theme A and consists of our BlockShot colour scheme in the default layout:

BlockShot Theme B

Next up is my personal favourite, BlockShot Theme B which is an alternative style while still sticking to the colour scheme and feel of BlockShot. I can change the background of this one rather easily so if I can get my hands on some cool banner art from our team I am putting it in here for you all to enjoy.

Experimental Theme

The third theme is the most unique and most likely to receive tweaks. It stands out from the others with a yellow-orange background and a unique feel. The background is also changeable here so cool BlockShot art may be included as the background in the future.

Night Theme

The fourth and the final theme was designed for all the vampires out there, with blood red text and a darker background colour our Night theme is designed for an optimal 3 am browsing experience. Here at BlockShot we take good care of your eyes. :grin:

If you have any feedback on the themes I would love to hear it! All themes except the main one may receive changes in the future based on feedback. Additionally, if there is demand for it up to two more themes may be added.

That’s all for today! Enjoy testing out the themes and figuring out which theme suits you best. As always if you want to ask me a question feel free to do so and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Until next time! :wave:


To access the themes simply click the hamburger icon up top next to your profile picture. Next, all the themes are selectable from under the categories section. Just click on one to change themes, the theme with the star * is the one you currently have selected. Enjoy!


These themes look amazing!
Also, make a white theme as a joke :laughing:

I had a white theme in the original set, but then it came to me: nobody would use it. :joy:
So I scraped it and got the experimental theme instead. Maybe In the future a white theme although I doubt anyone will want it xD

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Actualy, people use the Discord white theme so why not here? :smile:

If you chech that, and read ALL the comments, people actually used Light theme. if you search the tweet of this, you will be like… bruh