Flamethrowers in blockshot???

I am new to the blockshot forums and want to take part in the conceptual development of the server.
I think a cool idea would be a flamethrower weapon.
It would work like:
You charge up the flamethrower for initial heat, and then release the mouse button used to charge it up to start spewing out flame. Another click and the flames go out. On the initial spewing out of flame (first second the flame is active), the flame would do more damage and fire out in a straight line. The flame would spread out however more DMG is dealt when the enemy is closest to the Flamethrower, and is directly in the crosshairs sight.
This weapon would overheat when you have been spewing out flame for about 3 to five sec after the flame comes out. When overheated, the weapon can’t be used for another 1-2 seconds.
I think this would be a great weapon for reading an opponent correctly, and a fun addition. :smiley:

That would be an Awesome idea! Also welcome to blockshot forums!

Good idea!

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