How to appeal a ban

This is a quick guide to help you (or your ‘friend’) appeal a ban at the BlockShot Network.

In order to appeal you will have to fill out our ban appeal form which is divided into 3 sections.

Contact Details

This lets us contact you and tell us what account to unban (should we accept of course)

Ban Details

This lets us know who we are dealing with and who to go to for further information about your case. Also tells us where you were banned. you can select multiple (if you got banned in multiple places) however we may only unban you from one but not the other depending on your scenario.

Why Should We Unban You?

This is your time to be persuasive, provide links, videos, information and in general prove to us why your ban is/no longer is appropriate. At BlockShot we take this stuff very seriously hence we expect between 800-1200 characters for every single ban appeal. If you cannot legitimately fill this quota then, quite simply, you are not getting unbanned.

Do not fill it with spam/repetition it won’t help your case and just make us less likely to unban you. Be truthful, honest, don’t rant, this is not a moderator complaint form. You should try to be descriptive providing times dates and the names of any people involved in the incident.

If we find your case legitimate we will try to contact you where we may ask for evidence or more information. In some cases, we may go into full dialogue with you where one of our staff will discuss the ban however this is not mandatory from us.

Regardless, in the end, once you have provided all required evidence for your ban appeal we will give our final verdict on the status of your ban, We can:

  • Choose not to amend your Ban
  • Shorten your ban
  • Pardon your ban

Note that being hostile towards staff during the appeal process is a very bad idea and will probably result in your ban appeal being ignored, or in extreme cases, your ban prolonged.

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