How to apply for staff

This is a quick guide to help you with applying for staff at the BlockShot Network.

In order to apply you need to fill out our application form which is divided into 3 sections.

Contact details

This lets us contact you. Make sure you put accurate details here so we can tell you if you got accepted.

Role and Age

We need your age for legal reasons, for example it is illegal to officially hire minors in most countries.
The role stuff on the other hand tells us what you are applying for. Your primary role should be whatever you want to be the most/are best at.

You can apply for as many roles as you want however you will have to provide sufficient portfolio for all roles you are applying for. Note that you may not get accepted into all the roles you apply for, including your primary role.

Why should we pick you?

This section is the most important part of your application and is what separates those who get accepted and those who don’t. Tell us why you would make a good addition to the team, what can you bring to the table etc.

Make sure your portfolio is as strong as possible with plenty of previous work to show us. This can be anything related to your position/s and you should fill it with as much good stuff as you can. The better your portfolio, the better your chances of getting accepted.

If you already have a portfolio that is not on google docs you may link it instead. However if you do not then we recommend you create your one on google doc as it makes it easier for us to examine later.

Additional guidance

On the bottom of the application form we have some extra help for you including an Exemplar protfolio that shows you the standard we expect. Please refer to these to make sure your application is as good as it possibly can be. You can click each one of these and it will expand showing you the information.

After you have applied
Once you have filled in the form and pressed the “apply!” button the form will be submitted to our system where it will wait until it is reviewed. This will normally take place on a Sunday however we do not guarantee that it always will be. It can take up to 3 weeks before we review applications.

If you want to check on your application please contact me: @ItzChaoZ with your name and email address and I will check It for you. I need your name to find you in the system and your email to confirm it is actually you.

Successful applicants will be invited to a short interview on Discord. This is to get to know you, ask you some questions and finalize our decision on our application. The interview will be recorded, analysed and stored until a decision is made. The file will be deleted shortly after.