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btw hytale is gonna fail imo

i doubt, But i do think they messed up announcing it 3 years before they are releasing it.

too easy

I think Not, I have been here for over a year, im not gonna give up that quick

“hello people, in today’s blogpost (btw we’re working super duper hard on the game and want to do it well) we present a rock thrown against a tree, we also have poop. btw 4th fanart blog coming soon so stay tuned. what? you want the game and not a bunch of blogposts? lmfao ur stupid lol. what? you think asking overhyped fans meaningless questions on twitter is bad? lol, lemmi ask you something, do you want obvious_feature_x? yes? nice! Hey look, our team just donated $10000 to an organization (by the way we’re serious about obtaining the funding we need for the game). hey btw look at this fanart by this person, look at this fanart, and this, look at this chicken, by the way happy holiday x here is a cute npc from our overhyped game we announced waaaaaaaaaay to early but that’s okay, by the way we’re now owned by the same company who took years to add a basic practice mode to their game and we’re totally not going to be affected by it at all. trust us, we’re trustworthy, we’ve just been talking about fanart for the past 6 months and think a rock thrown against a tree is a suitable thing to show for the blogpost. hey also, do you want obvious_feature_Y? you do? nice! also did I mention we work super hard on the game? also, here is fanart blogpost 5, enjoy, in this blogpost we look at the following fanart, here is a chicken by person x, here is a monster by person y, here is another monster by person A, here is a pretty girl in a hytale outfit, very nice. by the way we work super hard on the game and are doing our best right now. We are totally not just another mojang, we’re serious about this, we code our game in c# instead of c++ because that’s what we’re used to, forget about the performance benefits, we’re using microsoft java because we’re used to java.”

wat xDD

oh fuck you

Bruh chill TwT xDD