Let me hear some of your ideas!

What are some of your Ideas for game modes? I would love to hear them!

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I’d love to see some kind of gamemode where you can defend your base and attack the base of the other teams. In this gamemode you can construct turrets to shoot enemies. You could also place barriers to defend yourself. There should also be things around the map which will give you an advantage when captured, like abandoned vehicles. It should work a bit like the walls on Hypixel.


A gladiator arena for detected hackers to compete against each other while everyone else can watch. Looser gets banned, winner gets to fight another battle! Of course this would be the only game mode they would be able to participate in :wink:

I’m not sure this classifies as a legit game mode but it would be fun to watch so here ya go .:joy:


I want that to be a thing. the hacker to win gets a smaller ban. lmao


I like this idea. =P


This looks a bit like Factions/Kingdom but than 10000x better! I want to see that. You could add a roleplay to that gamemode…