Little idea i had for a gamemode in Run And Gun

6 players in a LabMap:
1 Scientist
1 Engineer
3 Soldiers
1 Monster
The engineer would have a Lightweight Gun (Revolver, Desert Eagle, Single/Double beretta, etc) and would be able to repair the energy generators to open the door and scape.
The scientist could have a map of the zone, no weapon and is the one that has the key or anything that would open the door.
The soldiers would have a normal anti-bullet suit (There would be Friendly Fire), a range of weapons that they can unlock the more they play.
The monster would be a failed experiment and it would be a player, it would have special active and passive abilities and would be essentially unkillable but could faint, when the health-bar of the creature gets to zero it would “Faint” for an amount of time, of course, it should have a lot of health-points because he is facing 3 soldiers with heavy-weight guns, the only thing I cant think is about some way so the soldiers can’t make wake-kill (Spawn-kill).