What Features should the Clans Have?

I was wondering about the things that clans have access to.


I think well-known clans should have custom cosmetics for clan members to show off their pride and for players to support them.a clan leader and member rank.should be able to advertise their clan via recruitment pages.well-known clans should have custom logos.

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YES… i like your thinking


These are some of the things I’d like to see:

  • Custom weapon skins for big clans
  • A forum tag
  • A custom logo for bigger clans (It will need to be approved first)
  • Private servers to play with others from your clan
  • The ability to challenge another clan, creating a competition to kill the most players. After this there will be some sort of reward.
  • A place to build stuff

I’d also like a system where people with ranks can boost the clan, a bit like discord nitro.


Wow! Better than I thought it would be!